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Light up MR & MRS Letters
Cinema / Fairground / Hollywood LOVE Letters

Colour Changing MR and MRS Letters

Custom Colours
4ft MR and MRS Love

BIG 4ft Letters
Free Delivery and Setup with Wedding Letters

Free Delivery*
Safe Cool to Touch LED Wedding MR and MRS

Safe to Touch

Giant Light Up MR&MRS & LOVE Letters

WOW your wedding guests with BIG 4ft LOVE letters!

We are proud to be able to hire out our unique selection of LED letter signs. These custom built white wedding letters are colour changing, 3D, fairground style signs. You can take beautiful photos with the letters in a colour of your choice!
, Pink, Light Blue (cyan), Blue, Red, Green or Multicoloured.

These wedding letters are personal!

We offer many different words and Initials including:


K&D, K&M, K&S, K&R, K&W, K&L, K&O, K&V, K&E, K&J, K&I, K&C
D&K, D&S, D&R, D&M, D&W, D&L, D&O, D&V, D&E, D&J, D&I, D&C
, S&D, S&K, S&R, S&M, S&W, S&L, S&O, S&V, S&E, S&J, S&I, S&C
R&M, R&R, R&S, R&K, R&D, R&W, R&L, R&O, R&V, R&E, R&J, R&I, R&C
, M&R, M&S, M&K, M&D, M&W, M&L, M&O, M&V, M&E, M&J, M&I, M&C
L&L, L&K, L&D, L&M, L&S, L&R, L&W, L&O, L&V, L&E, L&J, L&I, L&C

O&L,O&K, O&D,O&M, O&S, O&R, O&W, O&O, O&V, O&E, O&J, O&I, O&C

V&L,V&K, V&D,V&M, V&S, V&R, V&W, V&O, V&V, V&E, V&J, V&I, V&C

E&L,E&K, E&D,E&M, E&S, E&R, E&W, E&O, E&V, E&E, E&J, E&I, E&C

J&L,J&K, J&D,J&M, J&S, J&R, J&W, J&O, J&V, J&E, J&I, J&C

I&M, I&R, I&S, I&K, I&D, I&W, I&L, I&O, I&V, I&E, I&J, I&C

C&S, C&D, C&K, C&R, C&M, C&W, C&L, C&O,C&V, C&E, C&J, C&I

You can have any combination of my light up love letters in any colour, including initials! Why not have bright white (perfect for marquee weddings) or a multicoloured icecream effect!


Party time with amazing patterns!

Each smart LED wedding letter, once connected together can create exciting patterns. Take a look at the light up MRS and MRS signs in the video below to see what these love letters are capable of!

You can have your cinema style MR and MRS light up wedding letters in a static single colour of your choice thoughout the day, using the light up wedding signs as a great backdrop. When it comes to the evening why not activate one of the amazing patterns!

MR & MRS Prices and coverage

You can hire our illuminated MR and MRS love sign out for a single day or for the whole weekend. Starting at just £100 for offpeak wedding dates within a mulitple service package (other services include DJ, LED dance floor, photobooth, flower wall). Hiring just the MR&MRS, LOVE, I DO or intials by themselves would cost around £150-250* during peak season per day.

Dorset, Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth, Hampshire, Christchurch, New forest, Totton, Lyndhurst, Lymington are all covered under my standard price (no added letter delivery charge). Although I do cover further, Surrey, Somerset, Devon, London and further if required.

Gay & lesbian wedding lights / LED letters!

Hire my MRS & MRS marquee light up signs or LED MR & MR same sex wedding signs.

Setup and delivery

*A delivery charge may need to be added (depending on location and setup requiredments).
However delivery and set up of the lights is included in the price locally. A set of 4ft giant light up MR and MRS signs span roughly 14ft (4.2m) with each letter being about 2ft (0.6m) depending on which letter is being measured. It's advised to have the love letters against a wall.

I will usually set up the letters early in the day before your guests arrive and collect the following day. Any questions or doubts you may have let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP - Contact Me


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